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Genny Croll, Real Estate Agent and Buyer's Broker, Newport, RI

I am a full service real estate professional, whether you are buying OR selling, I will be with you all the way from our first contact through your successful closing! 

Selling Agent:

If I am representing you as your selling agent, you can expect these among other services.

We will develop a Marketing Plan that includes -

1) Placing your property on the Rhode Island MLS System. (Don't limit yourself to the local area.)

2) Preparing Full Color Photo Brochures.

3) Promoting your property at RE/MAX of Newport office meeting.

4) Holding a tour for all realtors associated with RE/MAX Professionals of Newport.

5) Put a sign in the yard.

6) Placing your property on multiple internet sites.

7) Scheduling a Thursday MLS tour.

8) Advertising in Homes Magazine

9) Placing ads in the Newport Daily News

10) Scheduling a Broker's open house

11) Following up on all showings

Once we have a qualified buyer "under contract", my services do not end. I will continue to work for you through the successful closing of your sale, including,

1) Deliver/confirm delivery of fully executed contracts to you and the buyer.

2) Confirm deposit of initial deposit monies.

3) Report sale to board of Realtors.

4) Confirm completion of mortgage application and obtain name and phone number of lender.

5) Confirm dates and times of home inspections.

6) Attend all inspections and provide you with feedback.

7) Review inspection results and obtain repair estimates if applicable.

8) Assist in the negotiating repair issues with the buyer.

9) Confirm deposit of remaining deposit monies.

10) Check status of mortgage loan.

11) Meet appraiser at the property and provide information on your home and recent comparable sales.

12) Confirm appraisal is satisfactory.

13) Verify that all remaining contractual contingencies have been met.

14) Place sold sign on property.

15) Confirm receipt of written mortgage commitment.

16) Confirm order of title work.

17) Provide selling Realtor or buyer with names and phone numbers of utility companies, telephone, garbage etc.

18) Confirm completion of any agreed upon repairs. Provide copies of repair receipts for closing.

19) Meet fire inspection official for smoke detector certification.

20) Forward all applicable certifications (i.e, fire, well, septic, termite to closing parties)

21) Confirm time and place of closing.

22) Confirm deposit monies ordered for closing.

23) Confirm buyer is bringing certified funds for any additional closing monies.

24) Ascertain you receipt of final closing costs.

25) Schedule with you and the buyer a time for the final walk through.

26) Meet selling Realtor and buyer for walk through.

27) Notify closing parties as to walk through results. Resolve questionable items prior to closing.

28) Remove sign and lock box if applicable.

29) Verify location of keys, garage door openers, and any warranty documents.

30) Attend closing/settlement. Bring all applicable files/documentation.

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Buyer's Broker:

Most times there is no fee to you to engage me as your buyer's agent. My commission will be paid by the seller on MLS listed properties. In certain "for sale by owner" situations, we may need to arrange a buyer broker fee. Please ask me how I can help you find the property you are seeking for a good price AND represent YOUR interests during the process. If I am representing you as a Buyer's Broker, you can expect these among other services.

* Our in-office computer terminal accesses all Statewide M.L.S. listings, providing buyers with immediate, factual information on all listed properties.

* I will consult with you on competitive pricing of properties in order to assist you in determining fair market value.

* RE/MAX of Newport's data bank of all local properties can sometimes to be used to identify properties before they become generally known or formally listed, as we have the ability to canvass neighborhoods of the buyer's choice with mailings.

* A confidential conference with me (or in conjunction with an independent banker) may assist you in deciding what you qualify to purchase.

* I will assist you in choosing the financing institution and type of mortgage financing to best suit your personal situation.

* I will make available lists of professionally qualified structural and pest inspectors.

* I will prepare sales agreements and will clearly explain all terms and conditions ... advantages and disadvantages.

* I will follow through with all financing on your behalf to prevent costly delays.

* I will consult on closing costs and pro-rations (including rents and damage deposits) so that you will know in advance what the approximate outlay will be at the time of closing.

* I will attend the closing to ensure a smooth transition for both the you and the seller. 

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The Graduate REALTOR® Institute (GRI)

National Association of Realtors Green Designee

Genny Croll
Realtor, CRS, GRI
RE/MAX of Newport, 55 Memorial Boulevard, Newport, RI 02840
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